Kenmore Wrestling Club

An Akron Community Organization

Information About Us

We provide children ages 5-12 in the Akron community, an opportunity to learn more about wrestling, create passion, drive, and motivation.

Our Story

In 1994, Kenmore Wrestling Club was started, in an effort to provide children within the Akron, Ohio community an opportunity. The opportunity within our organization, is to encourage children to be active, learn about wrestling, and create a program during the cold winter months to remain active.

Aside from just being active, our program helps children build focus, motivation, social interaction with other children, and drive.

We encourage the children to use the tools we help them build, in other aspects of their daily lives. We realize that our encouragement is important, and we aim to help provide a foundation which will carry over into the children’s adult lives.

Our Values & Beliefs


We encourage children to be accountable. Through accountability to themselves, their family, their teammates, and everyone they encounter, children realize better opportunities in life.


We encourage maximum participation, both within our program, and outside of our program. Only through participation, does anyone ever realize success, even in everyday life.


We believe in acknowledging the efforts and successes of our children. Acknowledgement encourages motivation, and growth.

Our Approach

Every child has a different level of aptitude and talent, in anything they do. We understand and appreciate the fact that every child requires personalized coaching. While a lot of our activities build the strengths of every participant, we work with children individually to increase their opportunities to be a successful participant.

Sometimes we are tough, as a lot of coaches are, because we strive to ensure each child is reaching their maximum potential. Wrestling is a unique sport, in that there is a winner and loser of each match. Unlike team sports, whether they are successful or not, depends solely on their efforts and ability and training.

Becoming A Volunteer

A Rewarding Experience

Being an adult volunteer in our organization is a way to help the children become the best version of themselves. Volunteering is a commitment most adults aren’t willing to make, and we appreciate those who do. Ways to volunteer in our organization include:


  • Coaching
  • Joining Our Booster Club
  • Becoming A Board Member

Still Have Questions About Our Program? We Would Love To Answer Them For You.

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