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Once You’ve Wrestled, Everything Else In Life Is Easy!

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Register for our 2019-2020 wrestling season. Pre-season conditioning starts TBA.  Practices start on TBA.


As a community based non profit organization, we host a few fundraisers and events each year.

Helping Us Be Successful

Our Volunteer Staff Are What Makes Us Great!

Have you ever thought of volunteering within the community? Kenmore Wrestling Club is a great opportunity to get involved with helping local children excel. We are always looking for great people to help our organization thrive.

Goal Setting

We believe in helping children set realistic goals and expectations.

Personalized Coaching

We understand that each child has unique needs, abilities, and motivation.

Healthy Mind

Helping children creates a healthy mind, and helps them grow.

Life Tools

Helping children understand the power of tool building, is our mission.

Stay On Top Of Our Practices, Meets, Fundraisers, And Events

We’ve included a calendar of our practices, meets, fundraisers, and events, in an effort to ensure you have all of the information available for Kenmore Wrestling Club, right at your fingertips. Your child’s success in our program happens through practice and participation, and we are committed to helping your child succeed.

About Us

We’ve been part of the Akron community since 1994. Every member of our volunteer staff cares about helping children achieve what they may have felt was impossible, through training, teamwork, and camaraderie.

Our program is open to boys and girls ages 5-12, we provide a great outlet for children, and a positive environment for their families. After all, we are a community, who relies on everyone involved for a successful experience.

Important Information

Team Shirt

Team shirts for KWC are available here, for the upcoming or current wrestling season.

Participation Forms

View and download all of our participation forms. These forms are required for joining.


Get your wrestling singlets for Kenmore Wrestling Club here. These are the uniforms for meets.

We Rely On Our Local Akron Sponsors To Help Make Our Fundraisers Successful

Do you own a business in the Akron area, and want to get your name out into the community? We can help with that. Our sponsors receive valuable business promotion for our fundraising efforts, and events. Here are some of what you can expect, by becoming a sponsor:


  • Branded materials
  • A link from our website to yours
  • A receipt for donation of funds and/or merchandise for tax purposes
  • Frequent messaging to our participants of your sponsorship
  • A very thoughtful and meaningful relationship, built on the value of your commitment to our program

Would You Like To Have A More In Depth Discussion About Who We Are, And What We Do? We Would Love To Talk. Send Us A Message.

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