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Kenmore WrestlingClub

Established in 1999, Kenmore Wrestling Club is a non-profit 501c3, serving the families and youth of the Akron, Ohio area. We strive to teach boys and girls between the ages of 5-12 fundamental wrestling, and overall discipline.

We are a 100% volunteer organization, meaning nobody collects a paycheck in our wrestling club. All proceed’s for our club are used for program needs. Our reward happens when your child has a sense of pride in their accomplishments. The smiles that come with success are why we do this.

We Start

with the



Every child in our program comes to us with a different skill level and understanding of wrestling. We work with each child to ensure they are receiving a quality learning experience, which will help mold them into the best wrestler they can be.

Who Said Wrestling Isn’t A Team Sport?

Through hard work, respect, and discipline, our program promotes pride, honor, and a true sense of yourself and teammates. Comradery happens naturally.

Teamwork Defined


Teamwork defined, is a group of people, working together, to achieve a common goal. Kenmore Wrestling Club helps children be part of a team, realizing the importance and significance of hard work, which leads to success. Winning isn’t always the definition of success. Sometimes, winning is simply how we feel about what we’ve accomplished, or even what we’ve learned.


A Sense of Community.

Our program helps children get to know one another. In today’s busy world, some children go to private school, some are home schooled, and some ride the bus every day together to our local public school. Wrestling is a great ways to introduce children to other children who are their age, and share similar interests.

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